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Increasing Your Wealth with Investment Property Loans

Increasing Your Wealth with Investment Property Loans Those looking to increase their wealth through real estate generally require more than two homes. In order to do so, borrowers need to utilize investment property mortgage programs. It is difficult for borrowers to find a program which works for them because not all mortgage lenders offer investment …

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Investment Property Loans

Once you spend some years in your primary residence you may want to purchase a second property for rental income or to flipping it for profit. Purchasing real estate for the purpose of increasing your income requires an investment property loan. What is investment property? Investment property is real estate that is purchased with the …

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Jumbo Loans Program

Jumbo Loans Program A buyer searching for an expensive property will need a special type of mortgage. This type of mortgage is called a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans split into two categories, conforming and non-conforming. Learn about jumbo loans in this article from our team of experts. What are jumbo loans? Jumbo loans are a …

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Mortgages and Your Budget

Mortgages and Your Budget Creating and more importantly, following a budget helps you actively work towards accomplishing your goals. Following a budget offers a cascade of benefits such as revealing waste in your spending habits, which in turn allows you to redirect priorities, and form new habits to support your efforts to reach your goals. …

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2019 California Property Tax

2019 California Property Tax Property taxes are applied to all standing structures and buildings. It is one of the many mandatory responsibilities a homeowner assumes when they purchase a home. The deadline for paying property taxes without accruing penalties is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10th. Keep in mind that the base penalty for missing this deadline …

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Kingston Mortgage Explains Homeowners Association (HOA)

Kingston Mortgage Explains Homeowners Association (HOA) When searching for their property, perspective homeowners will find that some developments have an HOA, or Homeowners Association. Although the organization is helpful overall, the HOA fees and how they can affect a budget can be a surprise to some home buyers. If you wish to learn about HOA, …

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